We are a (New) specialised vintage lighting company with a focus on restoring vintage and retro lighting from the first and second part of the 20th century.

We source our industrial and contemporary lighting from across Europe through specialist lighting sellers, online auctions and of course those more funky and retro lights in some random places.

New Arrivals

About Us

The name came from our personal love of all things rustic and all things retro. As children of the 60’s and 70’s we’ve seen so many revivals of things we knew and loved, were part of our families and close relatives. We just love to reminisce over the design, colour and feel of some of the products of our day.

As we started to furnish our own homes, we couldn’t help but turn to the past to look for unique lighting, furniture and decorations for ourselves. This time we stepped back to the era’s of our parents and grandparents, from the 50’s to the roaring 20’s. They certainly knew about good design back then.

As we travelled through the UK and Europe we found small pockets of stores, buyers, sellers and collectors who loved what we loved too. The more we talked to others the more people we found who wanted us to supply them with these unique pieces of lighting and home decor. So, Rustic & Retro was born.