Rustic and Retro Lighting sources vintage, industrial and designer lights and brings them back to their former glory. We provide one off pieces of vintage, contemporary, designer and industrial lighting.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lamps were the focus of much new design, and the Danish designer Paul Henningsen described them as ‘ A thing that is not beautiful until it is correctly formed, and it is not right until it is beautifully formed’. That special balance between functional performance and visual presence.

Desk Lamps

Nowhere does the adage ‘form follows function’ better demonstrated than the in the work or desk lamp. It has a task to accomplish with minimal fuss. There has been so much attention to design and looks over the past century, but in the end it is functionality which endures, the ability to direct light where it matters, onto the working plane.

Table Lamps

Whilst there has been so much change in the performance of the humble table lamp, through new materials and technology, there has been a continuity of function and visual presence throughout this century, which explains why so many lights designed in the early years of the modern age remain popular classics today.

Wall Lighting

Increasingly wall lamps have incorporated a high level of technology, but that has not deterred designers from achieving extremely creative effects. They remain points of artistry, sculptural objects within the environment. they have dominated design development his century with some spectacular individual statements.

Lighting Accessories

Lamps, bulbs, the simple cord, lead or flex have all seen huge technological changes in the last century. Each step forward providing a focus for sympathetic design of the lamp itself. Even the humble plug itself is now an integral part of the overall lamp design.

Lighting Features

  • All our lighting pieces are restored and original
  • Each piece is hand crafted back to its original form
  • All lamps are re-wired and safety tested
  • Custom cable colours are available on the majority of our lamps
  • Each lamp is fitted with a UK 3 pin plug and 3A fuse
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products